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Gumotex – How its made!

Gumotex: An European Kayaking Marvel Unveiled! Now, for those of you living outside the Old Continent, the name Gumotex might not ring any bells. It’s a brand that has been crafting top-tier kayaks for over seven decades, and you’ll be astounded to learn that it’s located a mere stone’s throw away from our very own […]

Why Gumotex? Prepare for a Boat Revelation Like No Other!

As you may have already glimpsed in our blog post about ‘Our Vision for Dale’s Boats‘, we’re on a mission to offer nothing short of exceptional service accompanied by premium pricing. We’ve never aspired to morph into a soulless e-commerce behemoth devoid of flexibility or human touch, and our customers wholeheartedly appreciate us for that […]

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