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Thaya Inflatable Kayak: Redefining Adventure on Water

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Embarking upon a water adventure melds the tranquility of nature with the exuberance of exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a recreational paddler, the revolutionary THAYA inflatable kayak stands out as an avant-garde vessel for your aquatic excursions. Crafted with the fusion of Gumotex’s signature NITRILON® material and Dropstitch technology, this kayak redefines stability, stiffness, and maneuverability in the world of inflatable boats.

THAYA: A Testament to Exceptional Design and Materials

The THAYA inflatable kayak from Gumotex breathes innovation into the realm of watercraft. The Dropstitch* technology intertwines the upper and lower layers of fabric with thousands of polyester fibers, resulting in an extremely rigid platform capable of maintaining solid-material robustness at high inflation pressures. All this while preserving the foldability that inflatable kayak enthusiasts cherish.

This construction methodology grants the THAYA unparalleled performance metrics when compared to traditional models. Weighing a mere 17.5kg and capable of accommodating 2 adults plus a child, the THAYA is perfect for family outings on lakes and rivers up to WW2. Optional foredeck accessories extend its flexibility, offering additional protection from water ingress, subsequently enhancing comfort during more audacious paddles, such as sea kayaking.

Why THAYA Could Be Your Next Kayak of Choice

Apart from its impressive structural integrity, the THAYA inflatable kayak is user-friendly and versatile. The kayak’s low weight and superb rollability make it convenient for transportation and storage, addressing the logistic concerns of kayak owners who lack the space for a hardshell kayak. Moreover, it strikes a perfect balance between a recreational kayak and a performance-oriented boat. Its stability is not just a product of its width but the synergy between the Dropstitch floor and the inflatable side tubes.

If you’re considering expanding your aquatic arsenal, the THAYA comes with a price tag of €1475—an investment in both quality and innovation. While slightly heftier than the traditional inflatable counterparts, the unique combination of materials and the resultant stiffness make for a kayak that paddles almost as well as a hardshell, without the burdensome logistics.

Accessorizing Your THAYA Experience

In choosing the THAYA, consider complementing your paddling experience with a suite of recommended accessories. The GTX hand pump is essential for achieving the kayak’s optimal inflation state. Paddles, such as the type 719S.2, are designed to match the kayak’s capabilities, ensuring efficient propulsion through the water. Furthermore, small dry bags and a Dropstitch seat enhance the convenience and comfort of your trips, safeguarding your belongings and offering a more enjoyable seating arrangement.

Our Community’s Verdict

The THAYA does more than just float well—it provides a paddling experience that resonates with enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Through online forums and personal testimonials, users cite the THAYA’s compromise between tracking, speed, and control, highlighting its performance even on choppy waters. The user-friendly setup, combined with straightforward maintenance, positions the THAYA as a capable companion for diverse water adventures.

Your Virtual Local Boat Store – Making THAYA a Reality

At Dale’s Boats, we share your passion for water and the pursuit of quality time afloat. We envision our online store as the contemporary equivalent of the local boat shop, where personal relationships and in-depth support are paramount. When you’re ready to set sights on the THAYA or have inquiries about marine and outdoor gear, our dedicated team will ensure you are equipped to make the best choice.


The THAYA inflatable kayak from Gumotex stands as a paragon of inflatable boat engineering, seamlessly blending high-quality materials with advanced technology. Its accolades in stability, maneuverability, and user-focused design make it an attractive choice for both recreational and semi-pro kayakers. When you’re ready to venture onto tranquil lakes or engage with the gentle rapids, there’s hardly a more fitting vessel than the THAYA.